52 Shimmering Holographic Nails

Shimmering holographic nails are taking over Instagram. This popular trend is showing up everywhere, and for good reason. They are new and futuristic, and the look is dazzling.

If you love to be on the cutting edge of style, check out these 52 new shimmering holographic styles, and you are sure to find one that is perfect for you.

1. Pale Pink Simmering Holographic Nails

Pink Holographic Nails

These pink shimmering holographic nails are sure to turn heads. They are just subtle enough yet show that you are up-to-date.

The shimmer is reminiscent of baby pink meets silver, and it will take you into the future. You can wear this color with any style of clothes. Try it on longer nails for a dazzling effect.

2. Perfect Pink Shining Nails

Pretty Pink Holographic Nails

You can add a little magic to your life with these sweet modern nails. This is a modern spin on a classic style, and the color is classy, simple, and clean.

These nails are perfect for a wedding or just everyday wear. They can be dressy or casual depending on what you are doing. The simplicity makes this a great first step into trying holographic nails.

3. Frozen Winter Holographic Nails

Frozen Blue Holographic Nails

These Frozen Winter nails are cool and refreshing, and they work with just about any outfit. These nails will shimmer and shine as you walk down the street, and the light will make them dazzling.

Try the rounded tips to soften the look, or if you are feeling bold, point the tips to make your nails look sharp and sassy.

4. Blue Dragon Claw Holographic Nails

Stiletto Blue Holographic Nails

If you are trying to be daring and different, this might be a good look. The blue is as pretty as the brightest blue sky, but the pointed shape will show people that you are bold and confident.

If you have the confidence to try this style, you won’t regret it. You will definitely leave an impression.

5. Royal Purple Holographic Nails


These nails are the color of royalty, but with a twist. The undertones of green and blue really make the purple dazzle. You can pair them with dark colors for a fantastic modern twist.

When you choose this style, you are clearly telling the world that you are in charge. The pointed tips shown here are great, but you can round them for a softer look.

6. Glittering Silver Holo Nails

Silver Holographic Shimmering Nails

These nails might not have glitter, but they sure do shine. The silver is dazzling in the holo style. If you like shorter nails, this is a good style to try.

The silver will match just about anything you wear, and it easily transitions from day to night without a flaw. Holo is the way to jump into the future, and these nails do not disappoint.

7. Golden Glam Holographic Nail Color

Gold Holographic Nails

If you are looking to make a statement, you will go bold with these golden glam nails. The holographic polish creates dazzle and shine, and they will shimmer in every color of the spectrum and reflect what they meet.

They can be worn during the day and just as easily into the night. You will not be disappointed in this color.

8. Shades of Pink Sparkle and Shine Holographic Nails

Glam Holographic Nails

This style is pretty, sassy, and so sweet. The different shades of pink put a twist on this holographic nail style. You mix matte holo with shine, and throw in a few diamonds, and you will be current and ready to take on the town.

Save these nails for a special night out because they will dazzle the entire room.

9. Modern Gray Holographic Nails

Modern Grey Holographic Nails

Forget the idea that gray is boring; you can use a shiny gray polish and paint the underside with a rainbow shimmering holographic color. Keep a little of the holo color on the elongated tips, and you will have a unique look that is sure to impress.

This style is subtle enough to wear during the day, and it works great for a night out as well. The mixture of colors really makes this style work well, but you can change the nail shape to your preference without compromising style.

10. Shimmering Cascading Hues Holographic Nails

Gorgeous Holographic Nails

The color of this nail style differs depending on the perspective. They are a shimmering mixture of purple, pink, gold, and blue. The holographic polish is sure to dazzle, and you will be delighted no matter where you go.

The long nails with flat tips look great in this color, but you can round the edges as well for a more symmetrical look.

11. French Manicure with Holographic Nails

French Manicure Holographic Nails

You can use holographic polish to make a stunning French manicure. Paint your nails pale pink, and use holo polish to paint the tips. This style leaves the nails with smooth edges, but creates a geometric look on the tip.

You can create any shape you like in this way. The look is classic with a modern spin, and it is delightful, simple, and subtle yet bold at the same time.

12. Sapphire Blue Holographic Nails

saphire Blue Holographic Nails

Nothing is more dazzling than sapphire blue, and these nails are simple and elegant with a modern look. They are stylish enough to wear out on the town, but they will do nicely during the day as well.

These nails are glamorous and have a rich sparkling shine to them. Keep the nails short and round, or try them long and sharp. Any style will work with this color.

13. Alternating Silver Rainbow Holographic Nails

SIlver and White Holographic Nails

This style is fantastic and will work for most people. The contrast between crisp white nails and sparkly silver holographic nails is just enough to be bold and unique. You can add a crystal to subtly jazz up the white. You will love this style day or night, and it will be perfect for a special occasion.

14. Alternating Pink Passion Holographic Nails

Pink Simmering Acrylic Holographic Nails

If you are passionate about pink, you will love this design. The pale pink holographic color with sparkly pink in the middle is stunning. You can mix up this style by choosing which nails to sparkle and which to shine.

You can dress up any outfit with this great color. It is subtle enough to wear day or night, and you have so many choices when you wear this polish.

15. Split Pattern Holographic Nails


Dare to make a statement with this incredible set of nails. You can paint half in a multicolor holographic polish with a line of golden glitter down the middle. This is a fun way to show your creativity and style.

Pair it with hot pink or another fabulous bright color, and it will all tie together. You can also try this polish on the full nail if you want to mix it up.

16. Sparkly Black Holographic Nails

Holographic Nails

This black sparkling holographic nail design looks like the nighttime sky full of shimmering stars. The sparkles are every color of the rainbow, and they will come out when the light hits them. This polish livens up black to show your playful side.

The shorter nails make it easier to wear this design day or night. If you want to make a bold statement, try it with long pointed tips.

17. Winter Blue Holographic Nails

Holographic Spakly Nails

This shimmering winter blue is the perfect transition to spring. It is cool with a bit of sparkle, and it will match any outfit you wear. It has a mixture of all of the most stunning blues blended together perfectly, and it resembles crushed beaded glass. You can wear it day or night, and no matter what shape your nails, it will look fantastic.

18. Flashy Blues Holographic Nails

Blue Holographic Nails

The contrast here is incredible, and the bright blue mixes beautifully with the pale ice color. This design looks great with long pointed coffin nails, or you can use a shorter style. The blues are cool and crisp with their shimmer and shine.

You can mix it up any way you want, but this style will dazzle, and you will love the way the light reflects off of them.

19. Pointed Magical Holographic Nails

Rainbow Holographic Nails

This nail design is magical as it shimmers in every color. It resembles a prism with gold, green, red, purple, and blue. You can keep the pointy tips or make them blunt, and the style will never disappoint. These nails are great for a night out with the girls. If the pointed tips are more than you are willing to do, you can just as easily round your nails and the color will still be stunning.

20. Powerful Pink Holographic Nails

Pink Holographic Nails

This style is sassy and sweet, and the pinks are powerful. You can alternate the colors, and the one glittery style really pops. This is a design you can wear every day, and it will look stunning with a pretty pink dress or top. Pair it with black to show your girlish nature.

21. Purple and Periwinkle Holographic Nails

Purple Holographic Nails

This design is just plain fun, and you will brighten up anyone’s day by sporting it. You can keep the sharply curved tips or make them blunt, but they will show that you are bright and playful. The periwinkle shines and the purple shimmers, making them the perfect pair for a fun nail design.

22. Stiletto Yellow Tip Holographic Nails

If you dare to be this bold, people will stop in their tracks when they see you coming. The stiletto style is stunning, and the yellow French tips are bold and cheerful. The clear glass with flecks of gold on one finger stands out and makes these stiletto nails truly one of a kind.

23. Blue Crush Holographic Nails

This crushed blue holographic design is stunning, and it will shimmer in every direction. Your nails will look like crushed blue gems with a rainbow of blue colors. The short square tips are perfect for every day, and you can easily transition these nails from day to night. These nails will work for anyone and make you feel sparkly.

24. Mint Green Holographic Nails

Cool winter green color and shimmers of gold look fantastic as the season starts to transition to spring. This nail polish is smooth and has a frosted minty glow, and the blunt tips work well with this color. If you want to be bold, try a pointy tip. You can wear these nails anytime, day or night.

25. Golden Flecks Holographic Nails

This is another variation of the French manicure, and it is stunning. The pale pink color with the golden flecks at the top look stunning together and create the perfect holographic design. These nails are great for a special night out, but you can pull off the look any time of the day. The length is good for the color combo, but you can soften the edges if you prefer that style.

26. Watermelon Holographic Nails

These different watermelon colors will make your fingernails delicious as they shimmer with the holographic design. This style is great for daytime wear, but you can dress it up at night. The blunt tips are square, but you can round them for a softer look. Try this style now and see how it flows.

27. Tangy Orange Holographic Nails

These tangy orange holographic nails will make you dream of summer. They are fun and sweet, and your nails will glow with warmth. The nail design of citrus complements the color perfectly. This color looks great with the square tips, but you can easily round them and shorten them without taking away from the design.

28. Stunning Crystal and Blue Coffin Holographic Nails

Everyone will know you’re coming with this nail design. The crystals are incredible and the blue holographic polish is amazing. Your nails will be the talk of every person in the room. The pointed shape of the coffin nails shows that you mean business, and the blue is so perfect as a complement. If you want to tone it down, try one crystal nail and the rest blue. You can customize this design as much as you like and still turn heads.

29. Blue Flames Holographic Nails

This nail design combines bold and serene with beautiful blue and blue flames. It is subdued enough not to scream for attention, but everyone will notice how stunning this design is. The length helps the flames to pop, but you could shorten them if that is more your style. No matter which way you wear them, these nails will impress everyone you meet.

30. Pastel Pink Holographic Nails

Pink is always a favorite, and this candy pink will not disappoint. It is just the right color. The pastel nail is clouded with beautiful shades, and your nails will look like the Candy Land sunset. You can splash some gold flecks on one nail for an edgy effect. It will add spice to your sweetness. The short nails look fantastic in this style, but you can wear it on longer nails as well.

31. Ballerina Pink Holographic Nails

For a clean and crisp color that shimmers and shines, try the ballerina pink holographic polish. It is simple and sweet, yet elegant and sophisticated, and your nails will be eye-catching in a subtle fashion. The square tips give the nails just enough contrast, but short rounded nails will be simple and sweet. You can pull this color off any time, and it will complement any outfit you wear.

32. Broken Glass Blue Holographic Nails

These edgy nails are stunning and are perfectly imperfect. The blues fade into silvers to create a broken glass effect. They are similar to mermaid colors above the sea, and they look fantastic in this length and shape. The holographic effect really brings out the shimmer, and they shine through the dark to give inspiration. These nails show that there is beauty in all things.

33. Winter Mermaid Holographic Nails

The winter mermaid shimmering green is dazzling. You will sparkle and shine in any setting with these gorgeous holographic nails. The flecks of color mesh together to create incredible sheen, and you can wear this color with anything you own. The longer nails with blunt edges is fantastic, but the color works equally well with rounded tips. Be sure to try this color for a magical evening.

34. Pearl Almonds Holographic Nails

Pearl Holographic Nails

The pearl shimmer on an almond shape is lovely for any time of the year. This design is subtle enough to wear by day and fancy enough to wear by night.

You get the best of both worlds when you try this holographic polish. The design on one finger adds interest to the look, but you can just as easily leave it out if you are looking for simple and classy.

35. Marble and Glittery Gray Holographic Nails

This is a gorgeous nail design, with gray, glittering silver, and marble nails all meshed together. You can wear this low-key design to work and then dress up any outfit for an evening of fun. The contrast is spectacular, and you will have a unique look that sets you apart from everyone else. This style is just right with the mid length square tips, but you can try it with pointy coffin nails as well.

36. Sparkling White Holographic Nails

Sparkling white is an incredible sight to see. The rainbow glows from these bright white nails, and they are iridescent and will morph to match what you are wearing. You can see subtle shades of every color at each angle, but they are glowing white and make a strong statement. Try this design in the shorter nail style because it will add length and look bigger and brighter than it is. This design will work in any season of the year.

37. Glittery Subtle Pink Holographic Nails

If you want to get into the holographic trend with a subtle and sweet shimmering color, this pink is just right. It shimmers and shines, but the subdued fleshy tone is perfect to give your nails just enough color. They look so natural with little flecks of shimmer. This style is meant for shorter slightly rounded nails as it would be overwhelmed by an edgier style. You can enjoy this tone at any time of the year, and it will always be a classic color.

38. Matte, Sparkle, and Shine Berry Holographic Nails

The mix of hues in this set of nails creates the perfect contrast. The matte berry pink with a glitter and a shine gives the nails a great deal of interest. You will tie together any patterns with this holographic design, and you will enjoy wearing these nails. The rounded edges are just right, but you could go longer and sharper for an edgier and bolder look. You can wear it to work or out on the town; it will work for any occasion.

39. Emerald Blast Holographic Nails

When you wear this blast of emerald contrasted by black, the gold flecks will jump out of the design. These nails are simply gorgeous, and you will have a unique look that dazzles. The nail design is simple with shorter rounded tips, and it complements the bold galactic colors. It will look fantastic with an emerald green dress or top, and you will have a bold look that is completely your own.

40. Shimmering Metallic Holographic Nails

The metallic earthiness of this holographic polish will set you apart from the crowd. The shimmering colors entwined in the polish will match anything you own. This color is similar to a combination of precious metals crushed into the perfect blend for your nails. The color is subtle enough for daytime wear, but you can dress it up and go out as well. There is no limit to what you can do with this metallic tone.

41. Neon Candy Holographic Nails

When you want to have fun and celebrate, this neon holographic design is the perfect choice. You have hot pink, bright orange, glowing yellow, and beautiful blue, and you can accent the nail colors with a solid white or black outfit. You can also coordinate one of the colors with your outfit, and it will be bold, fun, and show that you are the life of the party. If you want to be more subtle, try combining two of the colors or even stick with one. However, the multicolor effect is simply gorgeous.

42. Purple Moon Sand Holographic Nails

Purple Holographic Nails

The shimmering effect of these purple holographic nails is amazing, and the color is subdued enough not to stand out too much for work. Keep the tips blunt or round them for a softer effect.

You can dress these nails up with a silver gem or keep them as they are for a stylish look. You will be on top of the holographic trend without going over the top when you choose this nail color. Whatever your perfect look might be, this design will complement it.

43. Rainbow Glimmering Holographic Nails

This versatile nail design is bold and pretty. It has different hues and will match anything you own. You can wear them to work or out on the town, and your clothing will bring out different colors from the polish. The holographic polish shimmers and shines. This style looks great in the shorter softer nail shape, but you can just as easily pull it off with longer nails. This color is so great that you can do anything with it.

44. Purple Pastel Holographic Nails

This simple and sweet cascade of purple and pale blue is the perfect color for budding spring. The flecks of blue and purple shimmer complement the Easter egg colors, and your nails will show your softer side. The pointy tips add edge to this gentle color, but you can round the ends for a more subtle look. This is a great style if you are new to holographic nails because you can try it out without drawing all eyes on your nails.

45. Turquoise Holographic Nails

There is no better way to transition from winter to spring than painting your nails with this turquoise holographic polish. The sparkle on one nail adds interest, and all of your nails shine and shimmer. This color is reminiscent of the Caribbean, so your fingers can feel like they are on vacation. Pair this style with solid black or white to really show it off.

46. Blue Chrome Holographic Nails

The rich hue of this blue is absolutely gorgeous, and your nails will shimmer and shine with this holographic polish. You can wear this color day or night, and it will shine under the lights or in the sun. It is a classic and simple look, and it can go with any clothing you own. The chrome in these nails is so bright and shiny with little flecks of blue throughout. This is a great introductory holo nail polish, so be bold and try it out.

47. Leopard Blue Holographic Nails

These bright and beautiful nails are bold and playful. They will stand out in any crowd. There is an air of subtlety in the leopard design on one finger, but you can modify this design to add more leopard. You can wear these nails day or night, and they will pop with all white or black. You will love how they shimmer in the light. This is a must-try nail design.

48. Classic Chameleon Shimmering Holographic Nails

If you are looking for a classic yet elegant design, this chameleon color will dazzle from every direction. The color you see will depend on how the light hits the nails, and they are bright and shiny at all times. You can wear this design to work and out on the town. It is so versatile that it will truly blend into any outfit or activity that you do. The soft rounded tips work well to keep the nails soft and understated.

49. Bright Orange Holographic Nails

Shimmering tangerine orange nails are hot this spring. The warm shine is dazzling and spreads good cheer. You can see flecks of color throughout the nails, and there is a hint of the yellow sun within. The look represents warmth and sharing, and you will really enjoy this holographic polish. You can wear them to work without any trouble, and they will stun when you are out for the evening. They look classic in the shorter style with rounded tips. You can create a blunt edge if you want a bolder look.

50. Patriotic Shimmering Holographic Nails

Patriotic Holographic Nails

There is no better way to show your patriotism than through your nails, and this patriotic holographic design is fantastic. The blues are shimmering with flecks of color, and they look like beautiful crushed sapphires. The red stands out and shows itself off.

The sparkle design in the center is the icing on the nail. This design is fun and can be worn any time that you want to make a statement.

51. Bordeaux Red Shimmering Holographic Nails

Bugundy Holographic Nails

This is a classic color with a modern twist. Deep Bordeaux red with a delicious shine and flecks of gold and red throughout really is glamorous and simple at the same time.

The shine makes the nails appear to be heated by a flame within, and anyone near you will feel your warmth.

You can do anything with the nail style from this short flat look to long curved or pointed tips. No matter what style you choose, this color will delight you.

52. Ruby Red Holographic Nails

Ruby Red Holographic Nails

Rounding out our list is ruby red that is very shiny. There are subtle flecks of shimmer throughout, but it is a trendy look for the most classic color out there.

Red nails go with everything from day to night, and you will love the way these nails sparkle and shine in the light. The classic shape shown here is perfect for this color, but you can try it on any shape that suits you.