Best Winter Colors for Hair This Season

The winter season provides a new opportunity to freshen up your hairstyle, and one of the best ways to do this is with winter colors. There are so many options from slight changes in tone to bold new colors that you are sure to find one that will be perfect for you. Take a look at the following winter colors for hair.

1. Red with Copper Highlights

Red with Copper Hsir Lights- Winter Hair
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Red hair is all the rage this winter, and these copper highlights freshen up the look. If you are looking to be bold with a little softness added in, this hair color could be exactly what you are looking for. To create interest and volume, have some subtle layers added into the mix.

2. Blunt Black and Blue

Deep blue and purple winter hair color
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This new hot style shows that you are hitting winter head on. The black with thick blue highlights is bold and looks fantastic with all of the winter styles. This perfectly straight hair with blunt ends really shows off the contrast in the colors.

3. Two-Tone Brunette

Gorgeous Two Tone Brunette
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Another fashion statement this winter is to mix it up with brunette and a frame of caramel tones. The lighter color makes an incredible contrast and brightens up the dreary winter days. You can add some layers with big curls to show off this winter color for hair.

4. Frozen Hair Coloring

Frozen Hair Color
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This color may not be for everyone, but if you dare to wear it, you can rock it this winter. The Frozen colors of greens, purples, and blues blend together to give this hair a soft and icy feel. The soft waves add texture and body, and you will look amazing.

5. Winter Blonde

Winter Colors for Hair- WInter Blonde
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This color is a few shades away from platinum, which makes it just perfect for winter. The color is warm and soft, and these layers frame the face and add body to the style. Anyone can pull this look off, so if you are looking for blonde, try this shade.

6. Winter Mermaid Hair Color

Winter Mermaid Hair
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This turquoise green reminds you of the ocean and mermaids. It is bold and soft, and it will brighten any room. The color is perfect for winter if you dare. Add these long beautiful layers to make the style more interesting and add volume.

7. Icy Blonde

Icy Blonde Hair Color
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Take blonde a step further with this icy frost. The color is platinum with a silver toner. It is perfect for the winter months, and no matter where you go or what you wear, you will be stunning. It looks great here with the long straight hair, but you can use this color with any length and style.

8. Dark Fades to Light

Winter colors for hair- beautiful Gold Brown
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This is one of the top trends of this winter season, with color fading from dark to light. It allows for greater interest and the waves are great to create volume and movement. You will love this style for the winter months.

9. Black Hair with Crimson Tips

Black Winter Hair with Crimson Tips
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This is one of the winter colors for hair that gives you an opportunity to experiment with your wild side without a full-blown commitment. The top is black and the tips are crimson. It is just enough color to be unique, and it is truly fabulous. The oversized waves add body and texture, and this is a style that you can wear anywhere. Super styled with some Valentines Nails to match.

10. Neutral Tones

Neutral Tones Hair Color
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This variety of neutral tones looks stunning and is easy to maintain the entire winter long. You can add the loose waves to show off the color tones, and this color is awesome on just about anyone. If your hair is shorter, you can still rock this color.

11. Dark Roots and Blond

Darkened Roots To Blond Winter Hair Color
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This winter, people are going for dark roots with blond highlights cascading to the ends. It is perfect for winter because it says that the highlights were left over from the summer’s sunny days. This color is combined with another hot winter trend of wavy hair, and you can use your curling iron to create this look.

12. Soft Apricot Color

Soft Apricot Hair Color
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This new color for winter is soft and warm apricot. It is an awesome look for almost anyone, and it is absolutely fabulous. You can go for soft waves at the ends to give it some body, and you will be stunning everywhere you go.

13. Violet on Red Tones

Violet on Red Tones Hair Color
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For a fresh take on red hair, try this deep burgundy with violet highlights. This bold look is daring and a little bit subtle, but it is rich and dreamy, and you will love how it makes you feel. You can add the soft layers to frame the face with waves. Gorgeous winter colors for hair!

14. Chestnut Blonde

Chesnut Blonde Hair Color
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Add some rich chestnut tones to your blonde hair to get this multi-highlighted hair color. The colors all blend together for incredible contrast, and you can add layers and waves to make it interesting. Your hair will shine and bounce with every step.

15. Chunky Highlights

Chunky Blond Winter Hair Highlights
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This winter blonde is all the rage, with darker tones of blonde contrasted with chunky highlights. This color has so much style and flair that you will never be disappointed. Try the soft beachy waves for more volume, and they really bring out the gorgeous colors.

16. Purple Highlights

Purple on Blonde Winter Hair Color
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This blond hair color gets its winter style from carefully placed purple highlights. They are just subtle enough that they won’t scream for attention, yet chic enough to make heads turn. If you want to try something different, this could be a great way to go.

17. Fire Blonde

Fire Red on Blond HairstyleThis color style is absolutely fantastic. The fire red is toned down with copper and blond highlights. The longer hair with well-placed layers frames the face so well, and this is one of the best winter colors for hair. Mix this color with this style and you have smokin’ hot hair all winter long.