30 Gorgeous Green Hair Looks That Are All the Rage This Year

When you look around at the hair designs sported by many people these days you can’t help but notice that lots of unique hair colors are very popular- especially green hair! Gone are the days when women dyed their hair auburn, blond, and various shades of brown just to look a little different. In fact, hair coloring used to be used just to cover gray hair, but that is no longer the case.

More Than Just the Basics

Covering gray hair is still a huge reason why lots of women – and men – color their hair, but a lot of people, both young and old, also do it to make a statement. Indeed, people dye their hair bright-red, orange, pink, purple, blue, and even neon green. Celebrities especially love to dye their hair in bright, bold colors that say, look at me! When celebrities do it, other individuals are usually the next ones to follow the trend.

Why is green such a popular color to dye hair? For one thing, unlike many other colors, there are so many shades of green that you will never run out of ideas if you want to achieve different shades and tones of green hair. From bright emerald green to dark hunter green and even pastel shades of green, this seems to be a perfect color to dye your hair because no two people will look alike if they choose green coloring for their hair.

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Can Everyone Wear Their Hair Green?

Just like other hair colors, not everyone will look great when dyeing their hair green. Darker shades of green aren’t usually a problem, but if you choose a lighter shade of green, that usually involves bleaching your hair first, and not everyone will want to go to that much trouble just to have hair that is green in the end. In the end, you’ll have to decide if having green hair is really worth it for you because bleaching your hair can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

If you have blond hair to begin with, it is usually much easier to achieve green hair. On the other hand, if you are trying to go from brunette or dark brown to a light, minty green, for example, this could be a time-consuming process. It’s worth it in the end, of course, but it’s still best to consider this aspect of hair-dyeing if you want your hair to be green.

Professional Salon or DIY – Which Is Better?

There are tons of hair dyes on the market these days, including green dyes, but are these over-the-counter hair colors the best way to go? Once again, the answer depends on what color your natural hair is at the moment. The more complicated and time-consuming the process is when going from your natural hair color to any shade of green, the better off you’ll be going to a professional hairstylist rather than trying to do it yourself.

You should also keep in mind that the way the color looks on the box isn’t necessarily the way it will come out on your own hair. Hair dye samples, after all, are usually administered to white or very light-colored hair so that you can see the true shade offered by the manufacturer. The darker your regular hair is, therefore, the darker the final result will be once you dye your hair, and the same is true for other colors as well.

This doesn’t mean that if you want hair that is any shade of green, that you shouldn’t go for it. Green is a popular shade of hair to go with nowadays, and if green hair is what you want, below are some great looks for anyone looking to change their hair color from blah and boring to a color that calls attention to your hair every time someone gets near.

1. Whitish-Green Color

Whitish Green Hair
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If you want your hair a light, bouncy type of green, you can usually get it this color with no problem. This one will likely require a professional hairdresser, but in the end, it is both a light and bright color, and the best part is, it will satisfy both people who want their hair to look a little bold and those who just want something a little different.

2. Dark-Green Hair Mixed in with Dark Streaks

Dark Green Hair
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This is definitely a fun way to color your hair because it provides streaked hair that mixes both dark colors and one or more shades of green. If your hair is already dark, just add streaks of dark green to give your hair the perfect look. Just don’t make the green too dark because the various shades won’t show up. This is a really pretty winter hair color as well for those looking for seasonal changes.

3. Rainbow Glow

Pastels of Green Hair
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This is a great color if you truly love green because it fades in and out and consists of various shades of green – dark, light, and in between. For this one, you’ll definitely need a hairdresser’s help because of the various shades of green that have to flow together a certain way to look good.

4. Lime Green Colored Hair

Neon Green Colored Hair
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If you want bright lime-green hair, you can get it because the shade is available through many different hair dye companies. Dyeing the hair lime green all throughout your hair without any streaks or highlights of another color will definitely catch people’s attention.

5. Green and Black

 billie eilish green hair
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This is a contrasting look because the top part of your hair is green – any shade you like – and the bottom of it is dark. It might take a little practice to get it to look like this, but it’s an interesting look because it is the opposite of having the tips of your hair green and the top part your regular hair color. A very Billie Eilish green hair look for sure.

6. Don’t Forget the Roots

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This look resembles the times that your roots are showing – but you’ll want your hair to look like this! Simply dye the hair one shade of green and just the very top section next to the roots another shade of green. It is certain to catch people’s attention.

7. Silver and Green Hair

Silver Green Hair
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This is a beautiful look because you dye part of the hair any shade of green and the rest of it gray – unless, of course, your hair is already gray! Gray with streaks of green is an absolutely stunning look, especially if you choose a bright grass-green color or a neon green.

8. Tri-Tone Hair

Green and Blond Ombre hair
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If you want your hair three colors instead of just two, try this technique: a bit of lavender near the top, some silver or white in the middle, and some green at the bottom section of the hair. Again, executing the three colors might be a challenge, but it comes out looking extraordinary.

9. Another Neon Green Trick

Neon green front hair style
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If you have dark hair, place streaks of neon green all throughout your hair. If you don’t like neon green, choose a lime green or some other type of bright green that stands out. The contrast of the dark tresses with the bright green ones delivers a very unique look indeed.

10. Purple and Bright Green Hair Color

Purple and Green hair
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These two colors are a great combination. Just dye your hair a bright purple first, then dye streaks throughout your hair that are bright green. It will be such an eye-catching look that people may need to wear sunglasses around you!

11. Go Mardi Gras Colors

Mardi Gras Hair ColorsMardi Gras colors are purple, green, and gold, and if you dye your hair with streaks of all three of these colors, it is certain to stand out among the blonds and brunettes in the world. You can choose any type of highlighting or streaking, just make sure you use these three colors.

12. Blue and Green, Anyone?

Blue and Green Hair
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Give your hair a unique look with equal amounts of blue and green. Choose any shades of these two colors that you wish, but in many ways, the two colors look best if they are not bright but instead very basic greens and blues.

13. Hot Pink and Neon Green Hair

Watermelon Colored Hair
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Hot pink and neon green go together better than you think. Try dying the top part of your hair with the pink and the bottom section with the green. You can switch the combination, of course, but the pink generally looks better on top.

14. Merry Christmas Hair

Christmas Green Hair
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To get a very festive hair style, dye your hair a grass-green color, then put streaks of red throughout the hair. You can also switch around and dye it red with streaks of green, but the green with red streaks option generally works best. Basic greens and reds work best because if it looks too bright, it might not look like Christmas.

15. Fire Red Rainbow Hair Color Combination

FIre Red and Green Hair
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Bright red, orange, yellow, and green go together well, so experiment with these colors and use them in your hair. It especially looks good if you dye it red on top, yellow in the middle, and green on the tips of your hair, but any combination will do. Just make sure you use a generic shade of green for this design.

16. Green at the Bottom, Please

Green Hair At the Ends
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For a softer look, try a brown color at the top and a soft, subtle green at the bottom. You can use a brighter green if you wish, but this combination tends to look better in soft colors. If you already have brown hair, you’ll just have to dye the tips green to get this eye-catching look.

17. Green Hair at the Tips

Green Hair Tips
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If you have short hair, this design looks especially good. Leave your hair its natural color and just dye it green at the very tips. You can use any shade of green you like, but the green tips will make your hair stand out and get noticed every time. It may look like a basic design, but it will definitely get noticed.

18. Rainbow Hair

Awesome Rainbow Hair
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This one can be a bit tricky because your hair on one side of your head will be two colors, and the hair on the other side will be two different colors. On one side, try purple at the top and green on the bottom. On the other side, try red on top and orange on the bottom. You can switch the colors, of course, but stick with the colors of the rainbow.

19. Solid All Over

Solid Teal Green Hair
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When it comes to green, there are no ugly shades, so try dyeing your hair all over with the same type of green. Choose hunter green, neon green, teal green, grass green, mint green, or any other type of green and make your entire head of hair this color.

20. Streaked in the Front

Green on Green HairFor this look, dye your hair green all over – any shade you like. Then, streak just the bangs and sides of the hair closest to your face colors such as purple, blue, teal, or some other color. The streaks in front will definitely stand out when you’re done.

21. Three Basic Colors

MultiColored Green HairIf you want something unique and don’t mind having three different colors in your hair at the same time, try any combination of the following colors: a basic green, turquoise or teal green, and bright lime green.

It’s a bevy of green colors that all people who love this amazing color are sure to notice, and it is usually easy enough to do without a hairdresser’s help.

22. Teal and Purple Hair

Color Green and Purple HairIf you want another unique color combination, try teal and purple. You can do this one of two ways: make both of the colors very bright and neon-like, or make both of them very subtle and a standard shade. Either way, this color combination looks amazing because the two colors seem to go together perfectly.

23. A Very Subtle Look

Pastel Green and Pink Hair
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If you prefer a more subtle look on your hair, try using two very soft colors, such as a green that is very light, for example, a mint green, and a light lavender shade. If both of them are pastels, it will create an amazing look that both you and those around you will enjoy. Soft colors always look great together, so pick a few of them and have fun with it.

24. Pastels Everywhere

Rainbow Green Dyed Hair
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Here is another great idea if you love soft colors and shades. Try a combination of soft pastels, such as light green, light teal, and light mint green, then throw in a few more pastels that include soft yellow, pink, and even orange. As long as you keep the colors soft and light, it will create an amazing look. Your hair may even look like a dyed Easter egg!

25. Another Lavender and Green Combination25.

Purple and Green Hair Color

This is another design that lets you color one half of your head with one color and the other half another color. Try any color combination for this look: lavender and mint green, dark green and purple, teal green and purple, and so on. You should be able to come up with tons of color combinations with these two colors. In fact, the possibilities are endless!

26. Just the Front, Please

Front Bang Green Hair
via artic fox

If you don’t want to dye your entire head of hair another color, try just taking any shade of green hair dye and adding a streak of that color just on the sides of the hair near the face, as well as your bangs if you have any. The streak can be any width you like, but this takes much less time than dyeing all of your hair at the same time.

27. Shades of Green at the Bottom

Green and Black Hair
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This is an interesting look because you only put the hair color at the bottom section of the hair. Keep the top part of your hair the color it is, then add various shades of green at the bottom, including neon green, teal, standard green, and so on. Just go to town with your choice of hair dye and it’ll look amazing every time!

28. Another Rainbow Look

Rainbow and Neon green hairThis is another design where you’ll dye one-half of your head a different color while leaving the other half your natural color. For that half, use a multitude of green shades that can include dark and light shades. Use either all pastels or all bright colors so that one-half has tons of colors in it and contrasts with the solid half on the other side.

29. Bright Green and Orange Hair

Green and Orange Hair
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For this look, you can choose two colors, such as neon green and neon orange, and dye large sections of your hair with them. Even your bangs can be green on one side and orange on the other. Have fun with it and make sure you use these two colors to create a look that is truly unique and which is all your own. This design is one most young people will love.

30. Dark Blues and Greens Hair Combination

Mermaid green Hair
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Finally, here is yet another interesting color combination for your hair. Streak your hair using at least four colors for the best effect. Here are some suggestions to use: purple, teal, neon green, and bright pink. In reality, it doesn’t matter which four colors you use. Just try to make at least two of those colors some shade of green.