Halloween Makeup Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity This Season

If you are looking to outdo your fellow peers this Halloween season then take note of these spectacularly frightening and cleaver Halloween Makeup ideas sure to inspire any Halloween enthusiast out there.

With Halloween quickly approaching, many people are wondering what to wear and how to dress up, but there is another, a way more creative method with makeup. You can really be unique by coming up with a totally different personality and look. While some might be a bit intimated by using make up, all it takes is a little practice and a fresh canvas (aka your face!).

What to Know Before Applying Halloween Makeup

A lot of Halloween makeup from costume stores can come with its pros and cons. While it can provide adequate coverage and the ability to stay on for long periods of time, it may also come with some unwanted side effects. These may come in the form of rashes, itching or even swelling if your skin comes into contact with an ingredient you may be allergic to.

Always test the skin prior to applying the makeup all over. Apply on a small spot close to your ear is ideal, and then watch for signs of redness or itching.

If your skin can tolorate the makeup for a short while, then you should be good to go. Besides purchasing makeup from a costume store, your regular beauty salon might also carry much of the desired colors, palates, and materials.

They even carry synthetic skin and other unique items to help create your Halloween look. Often times this type of makeup is more hypoallergenic than actual costume make up so always be sure to test.

You will also want to be sure to have the proper makeup remover as many costume makeups can really stick to your skin. A good oil based cleanser will help to pry the makeup off your face so you don’t have to sleep in such heavy pore restricting makeup.

Be cautious when applying different types of makeup together. Always read the ingredients and be sure that if you combine different types together that the chemical reaction won’t damage your skin. Test on your hand first if you are ever unsure.

Allergic reactions usually appear within the first hour or so, so be sure to monitor it closely. If you do develop a rash, wash the makeup off and let your skin breath. You can put some calamine lotion on the rash if it itches. If the rash doesn’t fade in a day or two, go to the physician to have it checked.

Halloween makeup doesn’t have to mean piling layers on top of layers. You should be able to get proper coverage and the look your are striving for without having to add too many layers suffocating your skin. You don’t want your skin to be unhealthy after the makeup comes off as well.

Our favorite all over face and body Halloween make up brands are below:

Halloween Makeup Tips

  • Liquid Makeup: A highly pigmented water-based liquid makeup that is smudge-proof and lasts longer than ordinary liquid makeup, while maintaining a smooth airbrushed makeup texture.
  • Cream: usually bought at Halloween and is available in various colors. This makeup is used in ghost, with and devil costumes. They are the same to grease paints but only easier to remove.
  • Powder: A fine powder can add subtle sheer highlights or intense vibrant colors. The designs are limitless. You can create really  dramatic makeup designs and effects. Use metallic shades for that full on metal effect.
  • Tube or stick: Great for highlighting and shadowing on the face.
  • Liquid latex: This type of makeup is often used for full body looks. It create a nice airbrushed look.
  • Wax: The nose and scar wax is perfect to mimic gashes and wounds for cuts and creepy visuals.

Start with your base and then if possible work your way from the center out so you don’t smudge or smear. Certain makeups will work better  in the layering process than others. You want to ensure you don’t end up with scuffs or tears in the makeup leading to a face that peels or cracks.

The idea behind Halloween makeup is to create a fun, freaky, spooky, and creepy experience so enjoy that to its fullest! Dont be afraid to try out new looks or even new techniques. Testing is just have the fun in playing with makeup.

Halloween Makeup Ideas and Wardrobe

Whether you are looking to fully go all out and create a complete look with makeup and a costume, it may be unnecessary if you already have a gorgeous face full of Halloween makeup.

If you do want to add a costume to your freshly done face, keep the look simple. You will want the focus to be on your beautiful facial art and not your costume.

Simple clean lines and muted colors will allow your makeup to really shine. Be careful if you wear a wig or or other items on or around your face so that it doesn’t cause the makeup to smear or stick.

Examples of Halloween Makeup ideas

Below are amazing examples of Halloween makeup looks that you might want to try out or gather inspiration from for your own upcoming Halloween party. These creative looks should really be an awesome source of reference for you this year!

Winter Blast

via Instagram

This is a cool and creative winter look that can be used for a frosty princess or just a winter breeze. Its so festive and fresh and really allows for the artists beautiful face to still take form.

Rainbow Half-face


This makeup is cleverly drawn as it looks as if she is lifting her skin showing a gorgeous rainbow universe soul inside. I love the wrinkled look that really creates an uplifting expression. The glitter smokey eye look really takes this artist Halloween makeup to the next level.

Insta Glow Galaxy

Out of this world halloween makeup ideas
via insta

This instagram galaxy Halloween makeup really sparkles next to her neon blue lips and subdued purple hair. The image almost looks like a painting with its glowing colors. The stars and of course iconic instagram symbol on her forehead makes you want to take a photo with her immediately!

Eyeball Soup

va Insta

If you are looking for a way to totally creep your friends out with a new Halloween makeup look, then check out this melting pot of eyeball soup. Its so unique and creative that its hard to even see where her facial features even are.

Flying Bats

HAlloween Make Up Ideas- Flying Bats
photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxaQtOKJCuR/

I love the way this artist turned her whole upper half into an outdoor panorama picture of the night sky filled with bats. A super creative Halloween makeup idea, which features black bats flying out of the forest into the sunset sky.

She has made use of her real features with subtle accent colors to incorporate the complex design. Her purple wig gentle adds to the look and frames the whole image beautifully.

An Electric Storm

Halloween Makeup Ideas
via Instagram

This electric look will blow your friends out of the water! Pardon the pun. We like that it offers a really creative look while not being a full face of makeup. It gives enough of that creative spark to really stand out.

Perfect for wearing with with a dark hoodie and pants- nothing fancy will actually add to this look!

Wicked Siren

via Insta

The wicked sea siren offers a beautiful and creative design idea. The added visuals sticking out of her face along with the glowing yellow eyes really make this a unique look.

Mystical Avatar

Avatar Halloween Makeup
via insta

I love this pretty version of the Avatar character. The subtle blue colors mixed with dark metallic and pretty doe eyes really make this character stand out in the crowd.

The long lashes really take it up a notch on the sexy meter so if you are looking for awesome Halloween inspiration for a really cool movie character, then look no further.

The Pineapple House

via Insta

The amazing Halloween makeup from Jade Berry is so much fun we had to share it! How could you pass up playing one of the most recognizable fruits under the sea right!?!? This is such a fun makeup look that is not only super creative but beautiful.

The eyes just knock t out of the park. Pair it with a cute sunbrella dress and you ripe for Halloween time! This is totally why you should try DIY Halloween makeup ideas.

Heightened Senses

Crazy Halloween Makeup Ideas
via Insta

This lady is so beyond talented! Her creative Halloween makeup ideas and designs are literally so incredible its hard to tell where reality begins and the makeup ends. This piece is called heightened senses and clearly you see why!

No doubt when in this full set of face makeup you are going to have heads turning!

Let Your Mii Character Shine

photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2UbqL9Hply/

I love this fun makeup look. If you are into the Wii and have a Mii Character then this is a fabulous Halloween makeup idea! We love the black and white look even without the peeking Mii coming through! It reminds us a bit of the old 80s A-HA music vid (enjoy)!

Inner Demons

via Insta

This peel back makeup look offers a unique into the human soul. It looks like she is peeling down her skin even. Its a very clever and creative use for showing two sides to the person and a perfect Halloween makeup look.

Melted double-face


As mentioned previously, this lady is just full of all sorts of raw talent. This melting face look is fun and unique. It is a statement piece that really makes you think. Like a bare architecture with the beautiful outside being poured over it. Such a unique look.

3D Simulated

Halloween Makeup Ideas- The Sparkl
photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwANvhkgroN/

This amazing Halloween makeup turns her human face to a 3D simulated sectional. The unique eye shadow coloring with white piping contrast really adds to the style and design.

Neon Skull Halloween Makeup



This killer neon highlighted skull really comes to life and pops against the dark black makeup. We love the pretty blue hues of her eye shadow and long lashes to give it a really sexy vibe.

With this type of unique Halloween makeup you could get away with no wardrobe even and just grab a back sweatshirt and pants!

Spray On Your Face

This is another thought provoking makeup design that shows beneath the surface we all start with that same blank canvas and we get to paint on our look or let our natural beauty shine through.

I see this as a really strong statement piece and unique to the times. We really admire this makeup artists looks.

Creepy Balloon Vampire Girl

Oh man, this is by far one of the creepier Halloween makeup ideas in this list and it even gives me the complete shudders just thinking about bumping into her at a party.

The teeth have been carved out so careful with her makeup tools that they almost look like prosthetic or wax. Making her face into a balloon just really adds to the scream factor and adding red balloons tops the costume off right!

Double Vision

Halloween makeup ideas
via insta

The mystical double vision creepy girl makeup job features heavy straight orange eyebrows and an extra set of eyes. Her joker like lips is really what makes the whole combo visually freaky. A definite winner for this Halloween!

Demons and Gore

photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpnTblvhMq0/

Looking for makeup that screams terror from beyond, then gather inspiration from this makeup artists creation.

A super creepy mouth that looks as though she was just slashed up and a bruised handprint around her neck really turns this creation dark. Her insane looking two toned eyes gives the impression whatever is living within is not human anymore!

Smoking Hot Zombie Halloween Makeup Idea

The crazy computer like eyes, decaying holey chin and smoke pouring from her mouth has got us super impressed by these makeup skills! A simple black turtle neck is all that’s needed to create this killer Halloween zombie costume.

Her pretty smoky eyes and bloody chin really turn this girl to night of the the living dead.

The Mirror Inside

Halloween Makeup DesignsSometimes, what’s on the outside does not mirror the inside. This makeup look reminds me of how we all like to show the pretty, happy exterior even when deep down inside we see ourselves different and feel unhappy.

A creative look at below the surface. What we love about this artistic piece is the way it looks as if her face became shattered and pieces broke off to expose the inside. Really gorgeous and perfect for a Halloween party!

The Killer Queen Bee

This look is so incredibly detailed and inspiring, its actually hard to look away. He beautiful, sultry, dark eyes with flecks of gold are creepy and gorgeous at the same time.

Her entire face and mouth are covered in 3D honeycomb with bees and dirt and pollen all captured in the image. The entire design is super freaky. A true queen bee we can admire from a far!

The Other Mother Halloween Makeup

Inspired from the movie Coraline, the Other Mother is a creepy demonic witch that befriends girls and tries to convince them to let her sew buttons into their eyes in order to consume their lives and steal their souls. Completely wicked and fun to dress up as for Halloween.

Pixelated in Perfection


If you enjoy old 80s video games or photography, then you might really enjoy this clever Halloween make up idea. Turn yourself into a pixal princes and mosaic queen.

All you need is an eyeliner stick to create tons of little squares all over your face and then a few different shades of concealer. We love how this look fades into the real world with a blast of purple.

Your Inner Flame

via insta

How bright does your inner flame shine? We love this artist makeup design of a melting candle working its way from the inside out. With her face dripping wax and spilling out from what would be her brain this look adds a little bit of that creepy factor we love for inspirational Halloween make ideas.

Fake Face

Another mask design that we can’t get enough of. Deceiving others with a fake face can only last so long until start to notice is just a facade. This makeup design allows you be completely creative while not having a complex face full of make up.

By drawing three dimensional outlines along the “masked” area you create the look that you have something under to hide. Be sure not to put concealer or highlighter on the skin not part of the mask area. You can be as creative or not as you like with the mask part. We particular appreciate the eye shadow colors that give it that bit of a Halloween party vibe.

Repeating Looks

via insta

This look is so outrageous we can even begin to comprehend the complex nature of this design and the hours that it must have taken, but whoa is it incredible!! 3 faces that seem to be ever repeating right down to her sweater and hairstyle.

People are going to want to stare over and over at this incredible makeup design. Even with repeating double faces I think it would be impressive.

Photo  Booth Face


Sharing yourself in a new light can really highlight different features. This makeup artist decided to offer up a view of her 4 favorite photo booth filters all on one face.

Viewing her from the front, the top left side of her face is the standard black and white look, top right is the comic book filter that is so much fun to play around with, bottom left is the thermal view- with red being the warm areas and blue being cooler, and then finally the xray filter on bottom right which just inverts colors.

Such a cool way to explore yourself and challenge your skills. Maybe you could just try one of the makeup ideas for Halloween this year!

Something in Your Throat

via insta

The super creepy skull mouth coming out of her neck with blood dripping everywhere is super freaky. Its almost like a ghost is coming from the inside and showing its face by ripping apart the girls skin. Its such a killer Halloween makeup design- we absolutely love it! Don’t forget to grab the creepy white contact lenses to finish the look off right.

Garden Themed Skull

via insta

This look “under the skin” offers such a beautiful picturesque look of what lies beneath. It seems to have a combined esthetic approach of nature with a slight nautical appearance from the blue and white colors. Like a sea full of flowers and leaves.

The gold teeth and intrinsic designs really make this look spectacular. If you are searching for a really gorgeous Halloween makeup idea this season, this one is really fun.

Skull Face

The typical skull face for Halloween can be a bit bleak. Let this one give you a bit of inspiration. We love that you don’t need to paint your whole face in white, just let the shading help to create that 3D look. The black eyeball adds an extra creepy factor to the look.

Fiery Dany Halloween Makeup

This Game of Thrones character inspired Halloween makeup is super intense. You can feel the fire burning and charring her almost! The swirls throughout, along with the color mixes really bring this design to life… or death really! The red hot lips and amber eyes just finished the look off perfectly. Don’t forget to bring along your fire breathing dragon! (or fire breathing parot! lol)

Alien Abduction


This is a totally fun halloween makeup idea with a cool nighttime sky and a fun lit up UFO abducting people. The complete panorama visual is super stunning and creates a story which we find super appealing when it comes to Halloween costumes.

The pretty lashes gives this look a feminine twist while still being pretty creepy and mysterious.


Halloween Makeup Ideas
via insta

Pop color meets the matric maybe? It looks at though this pop icon character is moving quickly through time and space. The colored lenses add to the creative look. While this look might seem to be less work than some of the others, I am sure practice will make perfection here. The possibilities are endless.

Jeweled Pink Skeleton

The pretty metallic colors and three dimensional outlines along with the super dark body paint makes this design really pop out at you! We appreciate the added detail with the glitter and faux jewels, glitters along with the matching colored hair (or wig). Creative design for a skeleton in pink!

Birdbox Halloween Makeup

If you haven’t seen the movie Birdbox, and you enjoy a good horror/mystery movie then do yourself a favor and go watch it, it is incredible!

You never really know what the monster is or how it could affect you, but you do know you should never look at it and never take your blindfold off! This makeup gives a sneak peek into the movies challenging scenes and really looks as though she has been fighting for her life!

The Dream Filler


Fill your head with only the good stuff. Understand that the world is your for the taking and go explore and just keep filling up that dream land all along the way.

What a fun and create Halloween makeup idea to show off your inner hopes and dreams. What would be inside your cup? You can be as creative as you like and even expand on the idea anyway you like.

Skeleton Bride Halloween Makeup Ideas

via insta

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride has inspired numerous Halloween costumes over the years. We love this full body take on the design using mostly all makeup to recreate the iconic skeleton bride.

The feminine makeup and pink lips gives the character just enough flair and the white eyes turns her into the cartoon character its meant to resemble.

All Stitched Up For Halloween

Halloween makeup ideas

Looking to find something a bit different this Halloween season to crawl into to? How about turning yourself into a stitched up doll? The 3D take on the stitching gives it a super creep factor while drawing you in at the same time.

You wonder a bit what happens if her stitches were to fall out. Super gorgeous Halloween makeup!

Highlight Junkie

Are you a makeup super fan? Then check out this highlight job on half the artists face. Its almost like a picture flash against her skin. I love the exaggerated feeling you get from the cheekbone shine. I love the true black contrasts from her lips, eyeliner and tiny black heart under her eye. Her highlighting skills are seriously on point. Just love the reflection look and how it shapes her whole face and even neck.

Nemo Killer

via insta

This makeup artist is totally outrageous! We could not help but fall off our chairs laughing when we saw this makeup look from Finding Nemo! “I am a Piranha!” We all know that when the dentist’s niece came to the office, only bad things would happen! She is sort of the villain or one of them in the movie.

Either way, if you have kids then they will know! A super fun idea for a group or family Halloween costume.

Bloody Devil

via insta

This super creepy antichrist and un-dead devil creature takes this Halloween makeup inspiration to a new level of fear. With blood dripping from her mouth as if she just ate or drank adds that extra creep. The silver wig and exaggerated thick lashed adds to the full costume .

The Tin Woman

Halloween makeup ideas

Oh My! All she wants is a heart… How cool is this tin woman Halloween makeup design? The full metallic paint and shadows really create the look of shiny tin metal.

The screws on the sides and neck really take the visual up by adding that texture. This is a killer costume idea, especially if you are part of a group!

Outer Space Halloween Makeup

Outer Space Halloween Makeup Idea
via insta

How about knowing the world is inside your brain but not allowing your outsides to even have an understanding of such. This makeup artist really transforms herself into a half robot-esq character with the world inside. So fun and creative.

Spray on Bratz Character

How about this Halloween you try to turn yourself into a Bratz doll or at least half of one? This clever makeup reveals a half human, half doll face as appearing to be spray painted on. Bratz dolls are iconic for their big eyes, tiny noses, and big lips. Grab some attention with this two faced look or find inspiration in one.

Rainbow Droplets

Halloween Makeup Ideas

How much fun is this colorful dripping rainbow. A simpler makeup look but the achieved goal of pop art is all over. It looks like her body is a canvas and its leaking color. This brilliant Halloween makeup offers a truly cheerful appearance.

Tamagotchi Face

Halloween Makeup Ideas
via insta

Did you ever have a tamagotchi as a kid? Oh goodness that thing would wake me up night and day needing food and play time, lol! Can you believe this is actually someones face?!?! Check it out!!

The way she has used reflective marks to create a plastic visual is truly incredible. It looks exactly like the toy, I can’t get over this! Trust me, if you have the talent, then piece of Halloween makeup will make you shine!

Melting Galaxy


We want to swim in the woman’s neck and see the shooting stars and galaxy’s a far. This Halloween makeup look is absolutely stunning with a colorful shimmering glowing look on both body and face.

Her forehead offers a glimpse into the unknown galaxy in what seems to be a far away world with a colorful sky that is melting down taking over the woman’s soul. The drips offer a three dimensional look to them giving them movement. A really creative play on rainbows in the universe.

My Plastic Side

via insta

What do we do as women when we paint our faces to perfection? The idealized plastic look with perfect skin and long lashes and perfectly groomed brows can be nothing more than a false reality.

This makeup look is offering a slice of perfection, a mask, or second face to perhaps hide it all. What do you think?

Sriracha Bottle Inspired Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup ideas
via insta

How about turning yourself into one of the most favorite condiments of all time- sriracha! I love this Halloween makeup idea! You could use it as a group costume or just for yourself. If you only wanted to cover your face, that would be just fine as well. Grab a Sriracha Tshirt and you are good to go party!

Bob Ross Painting on a Face

Halloween Makeup Ideas

How about this Halloween you season you go as a Bob Ross canvas? Give one of his paintings a try with makeup, using your face as the canvas of course!

Wonder Woman Comic


How about some comic book inspiration to get those Halloween ideas flowing? How fun is this Wonder Woman makeup. With a gorgeous face full of make she added a few unique touches to create that comic book pop look.

Even if you aren’t interested in wearing the full get up, just the makeup alone will ensure people are aware who you are! Nothing says Halloween more than playing your favorite superhero.

A little Bit Pennywise

This Halloween makeup idea is clearly inspired by the creepiest of character of all- Pennywise. Sort of a glam meets horror star really. If you are looking to add just enough wow to your look, then think about giving this one a try.

With a little big of red paint and a few jewels, you can have the perfect look for a Halloween party. Don’t forget the creepy contacts to add to the look if you want to really stand out of the crowd.

Triple Half Face


A triplicate of yourself could totally come in hand at some point right? This killer viewpoint of a women’s face sliced in half and replicating is so visually stunning, its truly hard to tell where on her face everything is actually placed! The dark black interior of her face adds a really creepy perspective into a level of nothingness or dark tunnel nobody might expect. Thought provoking and clever Halloween makeup ideas.

Slices Of My Face – Optical Illusion

via insta

The eery optical illusion is incredible. Using some serious talent and cool special effects with color and shade, this makeup artist manages to make it look as though she has sliced her face in multilple layers all going different directions.

Can you even figure out where her real features are? Its pretty amazing artwork sure to inspire any onlooker this Halloween season!

Passage of Time


Inspired by a Salvador Dali paintings, these three melting clocks displayed across the artist face and body are meant to highlight his work. In the original painting melting clocks were placed all over trees, sleeping people, and walls.

His depiction of the melting and distorted clocks symbolize the erratic passage of time that we experience while dreaming. So take a snooze or go party and show off this gorgeous human canvas artwork.

Dripping in Color Halloween Makeup Ideas

via insta

Another half reality and have colorized face makeup look. This one offers another cool view into what we hide beneath our exterior. Its a little creepy, a little glam, and a ton of creativeness.

The black and white part is so soft and subtle and dulled in comparison to the brightly colored other half. The neon orange eye shadow really makes the whole look explode with that sense of reality.

Stained Glass Face


Much like the stained glass windows in museums, churches, and buildings throughout the world, this type of traditional art form is popular even for makeup inspiration idea. Contemporary mosaic work has been around for decades and for good reason as it brings to life works of art in creative geometric patterns showing off scenes, colors, abstract images, and impressive ginormous works.

Why not bring this type of art to the canvas of the human body. This design has a bit of a fun play with the shapes showing almost a clown like appearance in between the sun and moon eyes. A fun way to gather some inspiration for cool Halloween makeup.

So now that we have gone through several awesome Halloween costume ideas, what do you think? Which will bring you inspiration? Which will cause you to ditch your standard costume and go for a full makeup one this year? We love to see these kinds of awe inspiring works of art so let us know if you create something amazing and we will be sure to add it to the list!