45+ Awesome Ideas for Halloween Nails To Inspire & Delight

Halloween is such a fun time of the year for almost everyone, and if you love the holiday so much that you like to dress up, it’s good to know that you can also enjoy a ton of nail designs with a Halloween theme. These Halloween nails can definitely dress up your entire costume or even take its place. In fact, whether you get them done at a nail shop, do them yourself, or simply choose press-on nail designs, these cool designs can offer something for everyone, so you’ll always be able to find something you love.

If you love the idea of Halloween-themed nails but need some ideas so you can end up with something truly unique, below are just a few of the many possibilities for you to enjoy.

Tips For the Perfect Halloween Nails

If you’ve never used nail art before, here are a few tips to make it a little easier:

  • Make sure each coat of nail polish is completely dry before painting on a new coat.
  • If you are placing decals without a sticky side, you’ll have to apply them to wet or damp nail polish.
  • If the decal you’re using is sticky, you should wait until the polish is completely dry.
  • Always follow-up each and every design with a coat of clear nail polish so that everything gets a chance to set in and become permanent.
  • Most of all, have fun!

40 Creative Halloween Nails

Halloween Blood Nails

With these Halloween blood nails, you can paint them white or even leave them as they are, and you simply drizzle red nail polish on top of them so that the nails look like they’re bleeding. For extra eeriness, make sure your nails have a square tip so they more closely resemble tiny coffins! If you have short nails, not to worry because this design looks good on all fingernails.

Candy Corn Nails

These are super easy because you just need three colors: white, orange, and yellow. You can use them in any combination you want, but most people make the tip of the nail either white or yellow. You can make them more decorative by adding some glitter or bling, but to be honest, they look great just using these three colors and nothing else.

Pumpkin Nails

If you like your nails several different colors, this design is for you. Simply paint three of your nails orange – for instance, your pinkie, thumb, and forefinger – then paint the other two nails white with small orange-colored pumpkins on them. You can use stickers or a very talented nail artist for the pumpkins, but either way, this is a design that is certain to get you noticed.

“I See You” Glow in the Dark 3D Halloween Nails

3D Halloween Nail Art

This is one of the best ideas for Halloween nails ever created, and its 3D effect will have people staring at your nails the entire time. Just paint the nails a dark color, then use a thin-tipped brush to place two eyes at the top part of your nail.

The eyes look best when they’re a bright neon color. When you’re done, buy some very narrow gauze (for example, 1/8 inch) and glue strips onto each nail so that they look just like mummies peeking out at everyone. If the mummy strips feel like they are not sticking well enough, you can apply a top coat over to keep everything in place a bit.

Halloween Spider Web Nails

Halloween Spider Web NailsThis Halloween spider web nails design works best when your nails come to a point, but you can use it regardless of the length of your nails. First, paint the nails solid black or a dark purple.

When that is dry, take white polish and draw a cobweb from one corner of the nail to the tip. Repeat on each nail using the same or similar design. Again, you might want to get your nail tech to draw the cobweb for you, but these are cute cobwebs that everyone will enjoy. Don’t forget to add the happy little spider!

Halloween Nail Decals

Halloween Nail DecalsThis is a kit with decals that you put on yourself, so you have some leeway when it comes to exactly how you want each nail designed. Included in the kit are 120 small decals that you place on your nails after you paint them.

Start with painting your nails in Halloween colors such as black or orange, then go to town with the decals that include witches, pumpkins, bats, spiders, and so much more. You can use tweezers to place the fun decals on your nails and then cover with a clear coat. That’s it and you have some super cool Halloween nails. Check out the Decals here.

Halloween Waterslide Nail Decals

Halloween Waterslide Nail DecalsIf you love blood, skulls, eyeballs, and skeletons, you’ll love these decals because they truly offer something for everyone. You can leave the creativity to the designs themselves- you just get to pick your favorite look.

Paint your nails white, cut out a decal and place into water, then place one of these on each of them. Enjoy dripping blood, scary skulls, creepy-looking skeletons, and a whole lot more with this kit, which is guaranteed to satisfy the Halloween lover in all of us. Check out the Halloween Waterslide Nail Decals Here.

Stitched Up Halloween Stiletto Nails

halloween stiletto nailsThese Halloween stiletto nails look just like someone came along with a knife and slit each one of your nails until it bled. Start by painting your nails a neutral or very light-pink color, then make a red erratic stripe down the middle, making it look like a scratch or cut.

For an extra-creepy effect, make short horizontal lines all along the “cuts” with a silver color so that it looks like each cut has been stitched up by a surgeon.

Gangrene Nails

Gangrene nailsFor these to look like gangrene nails, you only have to do two things. First, paint them with polish that has a pinkish or greenish tint to them, and second, paint a super-thin black line on the outside of the nail.

The black is going to be an outline for the nail, so make sure it is very thin. If you like, you can even paint one or two of the nails with a Halloween design – a spider, witch, pumpkin, and so on. BTW- this design used a real spider glued into her nail… super extra creepy if you ask me!

Skeleton Black and White Spooky Nails

Skeleton Halloween NailsThis is a fairly easy design because you can get very creative if you like. Just paint each nail white, then take black polish and create a design over each of them.

You can paint a skeleton on one nail, a black tip on another, and even black stripes on yet another. In fact, you can paint anything you want on each of them, but the black-and-white designs will definitely stand out.

Designer Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween Nail Ideas

These fun orange matte nails with black haunted Halloween designs are the perfect way to decorate your hands for this fun Halloween season.

“The Eyes Have it” Nails

Halloween Eyes Nail ArtThis is yet another super-easy design for Halloween. Just paint each nail black and if you like, cover with with a matte finisher, then make two white dots on each of them for the eyes. If you’re artistic enough, you can paint black eyeballs inside of the white areas somewhere, so it can look more like real eyes.

If you want a 3D look, get some “eyes” from the hobby store and place them on top of each nail before the polish dries. They will not only entertain but creepy a few out as well.

Halloween Witch Nails Nails

For these Halloween witch nails nails, you’ll need three colors. First, paint the nails black all over, then when they’re dry, paint just the top part of the nail (near the cuticle) a dark red or burgundy.

Finally, when that color is dry, simply take bright-red polish and draw a pentagram on one of the nails. The ring finger works best, but you can choose whatever nail you prefer.

Black & Neon Bloody Nails

This one is similar to drizzling red polish over the nails to make it look like blood, except you use black nail polish and green polish instead. Make sure you paint the nails all over with a neutral color first so that the bloody streaks look more realistic, and most of all, have fun with the design!

These are great for anyone who loves realistic designs and those who want a little creepiness with their trick-or-treating.

Scarecrow Nails

These are super cute Scarecrow nails that far from scary. Great for kids or adults! You can use almost any fall type of colors with designs.

Cute and Perky Halloween Nails

Cute Halloween Nail DesignYou can have a lot of fun with this one. Start by painting all of your nails except for the two ring fingers either black or orange. When you’re done, paint the ring fingers white with black horizontal lines across, so the finger ends up striped with black and white. Finally, paint a small Halloween design in one of the bottom corners of the nail, such as a pumpkin, a bat, and so on.

Spider Web Nails

You’ll love this design because all you need is black/purple polish and some glitter polish. Paint each nail with either black or purple, then let them dry. Afterward, paint spiders or use a decal or stamp on the purple nails with black paint and cobwebs on the black nails with purple paint. The glittery purple will get you noticed, and each nail is fun to look at.

Recommended Products:

Dark & Creepy Matte Stiletto Halloween Nails

Matte Black Creepy Halloween Nails
via insta

These are super-easy nails that anyone can design. Simply paint the entire nail a dark matte black (you can get this affect with a normal black polish and then a matte finish) and burgundy or deep red color then let them dry.

After that, use a sponge and grab some metallic red polish and splot onto the matte black coffin nails. You can give it almost an erratic look where the two colors meet. You can do it one a few nails for that creepy dark, very Halloween vibe. Holographic nails would also look cool if you had a nice red polish as well to mix and match with the matte black color.

Graveyard Nails

Halloween Nail ArtThese are super-easy nail designs because all you have to do is paint them with a silver polish – a matte or even glitter would work fine. After they dry, take a black nail polish and draw graveyard images all over each nail. If you’re not that great of an artist, you can stencils or decals as well to create that ghoulishly eerie graveyard look.

Skulls, Skulls, Skulls (Nail Decals)

Grab these super cool Halloween Skull Decals HERE.

These nail decals made by Blulu offer 750 skulls with at least seven different designs. All you really need to know is how to paint your nails and you can still have super cool designs. Whether you want your skulls to be brightly colored, just red and white, or have super-spooky eyes, you’ll find them in these decals!

There are tons of options to choose from here ranging in scale from creepy to cute. Perfect for anyone who enjoys some fun festive skulls for their Halloween nail art project.

White Spider Web Nail Designs

Spider Halloween Nails

I love these fun classic and clean white nails with teeny tiny spider designs on top. A stamp would make this design very easy. Otherwise you will need a very steady hand!

Ouija Board Nail Art

Ouija Board Nail ArtThese decals each look like part of a Ouija board, and they look fantastic when you paint your nails a solid color first. Use a light color for the best results because the decals are all black, so medium-pink or any type of neutral color does best. Don’t worry – the decals are not a real Ouija board so you won’t have to worry about spirits following you home!

GooseBump Spooky Neon Halloween Nails

Goosebumps Nail ArtFor super-noticeable nails, try a little neon green. With the polish, paint over each nail and let them dry. Next, take some dark-red polish and drizzle it over parts of the nail so that it looks like blood. Or for an added touch, paint other designs such as letters (spelling out anything you like) and let the letters “drip” blood.

It’s the perfect way to creep out your friends and amaze them at the same time.

Handprint Nails

To complete this design, paint the nails white first. Then, do two things to the nails: first, drizzle red polish on them so it looks like blood, then paint tiny red hand-prints on them with the same nail polish.

You may be able to get some tiny red handprint decals to make it easier, but the combination of the handprints and the bloody streaks look amazing.

Faces, Skulls and More (Jurxy Nail Decals)

Halloween Skull NailsThese decals have six basic designs: two skulls, two skulls with cigars in their mouths, and two old-fashioned but creepy ladies that will have you ready for Halloween by the time it gets here. There is a total of 25 pieces for you to enjoy, and for best results, just paint each fingernail white so the design shines through. Grab the Decals Here.

Black and Orange Nails

Halloween Nail ManicureFor these nails, start by painting all of your nails black, except for the ring finger on each hand, which you’ll paint orange. Then, use black thin-tipped polish to paint a cobweb over each orange fingernail. Make sure the orange is a bright orange so that it stands out more. This is a basic but eye-catching Halloween nail design you’ll love.

Halloween Polka Dot Nails

You can do this design any way you like. Use three colors – orange, black, and white. On each nail, paint it with a solid color, then use the remaining two colors to paint polka dots on each finger. It isn’t as scary as some other Halloween designs, but it certainly is a fun design that everyone will notice. For the best results, use matte colors and not shiny ones.

Halloween Swish Nails

Halloween Swirls Nail DesignYou’ll use four colors for this design, and all you do is make swirly horizontal lines that end up looking like they’re moving across your nails. The colors to use are black, orange, yellow, and white, but you can switch them up if you like and use other colors. Just make sure they look “Halloween-ish” for the best results.

Scare Yourself Silly Nails

With this design, start by using a clear or very neutral color over the entire nail. Next, paint the tip of each nail a bright orange. Finally, take a black thin-tipped polish and make several vertical marks in between the orange and the clear colors, to make them look like stitches. A simple scarecrow costume would compliment these nails perfectly. These aren’t scary but really, really cute!

Booishly Simple Nails

Another one of the most unique ideas for Halloween nails on this list, you start by painting each nail a solid black. Once they dry, paint cute little white ghosts on them to attract attention. You can also use decals if you like, but ghosts are usually very simple things to draw, so go ahead and give it a try. Don’t forget to give each ghost a big smile and light-pink cheeks so they can be extra-cute and cuddly.

Sparkly Bat Nails

To start this design, paint each nail a solid but light color, such as white, pale yellow or light pink. Then, draw bats on each nail using a black nail polish, nail stamp or decal, and finally, sprinkle a small amount of silver glitter over each nail while the polish is still wet. Don’t forget to finish it off by adding a coat of clear polish to seal everything in.

Halloween Jack o Lantern Nails

Pumpkin Nail Art

No Halloween nail designs are complete without pumpkin designs, and this one is super easy to do. Just paint each nail with a bright-orange polish, then draw a jack-o-lantern face with black polish on each nail.

You can use the same design on each nail or make each one different – it’s up to you. But make sure you have fun while you’re doing it!

Kitty Cat Nails

Purple, black, and white are the only colors you need for this design. Paint the entire nail purple, then paint a kitty cat face on the tip of each nail. For a realistic look, don’t forget to use the white polish and paint some eyes on each kitty!

You can paint just the top part of the kitty’s head for an even easier design, and if the kitties are cute instead of scary, it will look even better.

Trick or Treat Nails

Halloween trick or treat nails
via insta

Once you try bright pink and black for your Halloween nails, you’ll fall in love with the results. Simply paint the nails with the pink polish, then choose several designs to paint over them with the black polish.

You can use this polish to create bloody streaks, to paint a jack-o-lantern face on a nail, or just to write “trick or treat” across the nail. You can really get creative with this one!

Fun Halloween Nail Decals

Available in various designs, these stick-on decals come in colors such as red, black, and orange, not to mention designs such as fangs, spider webs, skulls, and spiders, to name a few. Give each nail a different look with these super easy-to-use decals. There is such a variety of designs that you are guaranteed to find one you love.

Get the Halloween Nail Decals to Use Here

Creepy Eyeball Nail Designs

These just scream out Halloween and have that true creep out factor! Imagine adding some killer Halloween makeup and you have got an awesome costume for this Halloween!

Witch’s Brew Nails

Witches Brew Nail DecalsIf you love witches, you’ll love these decals. They come in designs that include a witch’s brewing pot, a witch on a broom, and a magic potion bottle. They are mostly green and black in color, so you might want to pair them with white nails to make them stand out more. You can use other colors as well, but make sure they’re neutral or close to it for the best effect.

Get the Witch’s Brew Nail Decals Here.

Cryptic Halloween Nail Decals

These are all-black decals that all have bat designs on them. The bats vary with each design and come in different sizes and styles, and if you place them over polishes that are white, light yellow, or any other pale color, the black will shine through and look even better. Don’t forget the coat of clear polish once the stickers are applied.

3D Nail Designs by Lookathot

3D Halloween Nail SkullsThese are 3D skulls in white and trimmed in silver, so they’ll look great on your nails regardless of which color you paint them.

Just wait until the polish is almost dry and apply them, then paint over each nail with clear polish to get it to set right. The skulls may take a few tries to get them on there; just use plenty of clear polish and make sure you apply them when the polish is good and wet.

Grab these super Cool 3D Silver Skull Nail Decals Here.

Halloween Spiders Nail Tutorial

Halloween Nail Tutorial

We love these designs on either on or multiple nails. Check out this step by step tutorial on how to design an adorable spider on your nail. All you need is orange and black nail polish and a very thin pain brush to make the strokes for the spider.

Halloween Nails Foil Stickers for Halloween

Halloween Nail RollsThis kit consists of 10 rolls of different Halloween designs that are made out of eye-catching foil for an extra-noticeable nail design. You simply paint your nails first – black polish works great – then apply these stickers over each nail once the polish dries. You can also apply a coat of clear polish once you’re done so you can keep the stickers on more securely.

Creepy Dark Spider Themed Halloween Nails

For these nails, you’ll need black, gray, nude, and a cooper metallic polish. Paint some nails black and others gray with some metallic or nude ombre nail mixtures.

Then draw on the nude ones a spider or spider web design with black paint or a gray polish. You can also use a nail stamp to get the base design. It’s easier than you think, especially with the dark and metallic polishes will give each nail a very scary and eerie look.

Psychedelic Skull Nail Wraps

If you like colorful, psychedelic, gothic-looking skulls on your fingernails, you’ll love these. They are colorful and eye-catching, and each design is different than the one before.

With colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, and many others, you’ll never get bored with these stickers because they are perfect for everyone who loves skulls. Check out these nail wraps here.

Killer Nail Halloween Decals

Once you paint your nails with a solid color, just place these super creepy killer clown decals on them for an extra-spooky look.

The bright-red color will look amazing against the white of the polish. Let’s face it, few things are creepier around Halloween time than things made out of bloody looking creepy clowns!

Hocus Pocus Nail Designs

Hocus Pocus Nail Art
via Instagram

Made by Enigma Design Company, these decals come in all three witches from the movie “Hocus Pocus” as well as a black cat, a bat, and a “I put a spell on you” design, all of which will look great once you place them over nails that are painted white or another color that is pale and light. If you love the movie, you’ll want to buy these nail decals when Halloween rolls around.